Gloryland Express
February News 2022


Dear Friends,  

After 2 months of intense logistics collecting food, gifts & toys, it was really strange to not be constantly running to pick up or distribute stuff for our families.

   January 9th we had a drive in chapel at the Chick-Fil-A parking lot. 38 attended, with some parents with small children listening from their cars & trucks. What a cool way to worship in this season of Coved. J Pat, the owner of Pizza Inn Midlothian, provided buffet gift cards for everyone attending chapel that day. I tried to buy them, but Pat insisted no, this is my part. So please, when u have a chance, take your family & enjoy a buffet meal, & thank Pat for taking such good care of our families. And they have a really great salad bar ☺

Then oddly I felt led to suspend services until February. This wasn’t odd to God, He knew within day’s family after family would come down with Covid, continuing the rest of the month. Our ministry operations switched to meeting the needs of quarantined families. I picked up medicine & cold supplies, bought restaurant food & delivered, and picked up some donated homemade meals some of you wonderful folks cooked. We had 3 parents in the hospital and one of those families had the other parent also in bed with covid with 5 children in the house. We helped a single man living in his truck because his house had just burned down, and a week later a family of 6 a block away watched their house burn to the ground. We provided some financial help to assist with emergency needs until insurance kicks in. This was all ministry, just in a very different way, but still doing what Jesus taught & told us to do. Then when we heard of a young man who was in a tragic accident, & we were able to bless a grieving mom and her loved ones as they had the funeral & family meal. I’m sharing these details so you know how we are using the donations untrusted to us to take care of God’s people in our ministry & community.

   Four vehicles were donated at the end of the year. All of them needed batteries & repairs which I have almost completed to get them ready to sell. Soon a bluebird school bus, a Ford cargo van & a Honda Odyssey will be for sale if you know someone in the market. We finished & painted the porch on the snack bar. Then we cleaned bus # 49, #10 & the shower bus getting ready for 2022 outreach. If Covid continues to go down, we plan to start busses back in March. Until then sidewalk chapels will continue.  


I am preparing the Shower Bus for paint, & a new ministry outreach to Homeless & Disaster Victims.This will develop into a Soulwinning tool to reach more who don’t know Christ. Looking for helpers to deploy to mostly 1 day events to help hurting people & give folks an opportunity to serve in Jesus name. Let me know if this adventure sounds like a fit.

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