Gloryland Express, Inc.





Sam Gonzales, Acting Chief of Police, City of Dallas;  September, 1990:

"It is a great honor for me to offer my sincere thanks for your participation in the Second Annual Crimebusters Parade and Safety Fair.  Your presence, along with the Gloryland Express and all those who assisted in your efforts, was a great tribute to your ministry.

"The Southwest Division of the Dallas Police Department has received numerous complimentary comments from the community, community leaders, and city officials, regarding the parade as a whole, and, specifically, the Gloryland Express.

"Thanks again for your involvement in the parade, safety fair, and what your ministry does for the community.  We are looking forward to working with you in the future."

Linda Lott, Mission Midlothian:  2007:

"Thank you so very much for being such a blessing to all of us at Mission Midlothian again this year."

"We truly thank Our Lord for you and the way that you share His love with the boys and girls in a way that they can understand and remember ... and you make it fun for them at the same time.  I know these kids can be really trying sometimes but you have so much patience with them and they all know that you love them."

The things that the children have learned from you will help them for the rest of their lives and I know God will richly bless you and your family for reaching out in love to them."

"I think that several of the children will want to go to camp with you and I pray that it will be as successful as it was last year."

"You really have helped make this a great year for us and ... LET'S MAKE A DEAL ... please come back next year when we will probably have a bunch of new kids."

Michael Courville, Chief of Police, Duncanville Police Department;  December, 1991:

"We have know Wyatt Snider for approximately 3 1/2 years.  He has assisted us with the one of our community relations drug awareness programs, 'In Hot Pursuit of a Drug-Free America.'    We feel that Mr. Snider's heart is definitely in the right place and that his efforts through the Gloryland Express have touched many lives."

Bro. Charles O'Neal, Jr., Pastor, Southridge Baptist Temple;  July, 1989:

"I consider it a privilege to offer my whole-hearted recommendation of my friend, Bro. Wyatt Snider.  Bro. Snider is a man after my own heart with his unique ministry to the "little ones" of our day.  His ideas are refreshing, Christ-honoring, enthusiastic, and have proven to get results.

"I recognize, in Bro. Wyatt qualities that can only be associated with greatness.  Bro. Wyatt recently helped our church with Vacation Bible School that resulted in a high day of 212 people and a total of 79 people being saved!  Not bad for a 'country church.'"

Rev. Bob Kahn, Sr., Clowns For Christ, Inc.:

"I consider it a privilege to introduce to you Wyatt Snider and tell you of his special ministry of child evangelism.  I know that he loves the Lord and has the ability to present the Gospel message through his special ministry."

Terry Samples, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church;  May, 1990

"In the hundreds of children's services we have performed, I have never met anyone more dedicated than Wyatt Snider.  Wyatt has demonstrated a tireless zeal for serving Christ, often at his own personal expense, and has never allowed obstacles to prevent him from charging forward at full speed.

"I've known Wyatt for over 16 years, and have never met anyone with a greater love for our Lord, nor have I ever seen anyone demonstrate such blind faith.  Wyatt has a successful ministry, reaching many children for Christ;  yet, he never slows down;  he never feels he does enough.

"I feel strongly about his ministry.  I have supported it personally, and urge you to do the same."

Larry Ogle, Bus Director, Bedford Baptist Church;  October, 1989:

"Bro. Wyatt Snider came on September 9th [to provide] a bus conference.  Before, we averaged 80 on 3 buses and 2 vans.  One month later, our buses have averaged 120, with a high Sunday of 188.  We have had 32 lost souls won to the Lord, 3 new families have joined the church, and we have 2 new bus captains and 1 new bus driver.  Not only was our bus ministry revitalized, but we also experienced a revival of Sunday School workers and teachers."

Linda Lott, Mission Midlothian:  2005:

"We operate an after-school program.  Most of our kids are from single-parent homes and they have many problems to deal with ... some are being raised by a grandmother who is in very bad health, one has a father in prison, one has a father with terminal cancer, and one has a form of autism.

"Brother Wyatt comes every Thursday with one of his fantastic buses and makes the kids laugh with his games, gives them candy, and most importantly he gets right down to their level and lets them know that God loves them and has a plan for each of them.  In short, "Bus Day" is the highlight of our week.

"He has enriched the lives of the children and volunteers alike, and we believe the lessons learned from him will have a very positive impact on these boys and girls for the rest of their lives."

Dr. Wilsey J. McKnight;  May, 1990:

"You need to write a book.  The vision and possibilities you have to offer churches need a wider audience than you can give in person.  Your book will contribute to the furtherance of the Gospel and many a youth may be reached when others see your vision."

Anita, Dallas County District Attorney's Office, Victim Witness Divisionz:  1989:

"Good luck and God bless you."

Phyllis Holmes, Mount Pleasant Baptist Church;  July, 1996:

"We averaged more than 200 kids and teens per night.  This would not have been possible without yours' and the bus workers' love and dedication."

Mary Moore, Mary Bookkeeping and Tax Service;  November, 1989:

"When I read your letter this evening, tears came into my eyes and I had such a warm feeling.  We know it is a struggle every day.  There is always too little money and such a big, big need to get this world back to God and out of the devil's clutches, and to snatch our children away from the drug dealers (the devil's advocates.)"

Certificate of Appreciation, Greater Venus Chamber of Commerce;  June, 2005:

"Certificate of Appreciation is hereby granted for outstanding performance and contribution at Venus Homecoming & Country Fair."